Monday, February 7, 2011

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh hello!

My dreams are the best. Sorry I do not use this blog ever anymore.
If I have an AMAZING dream i'll let you know on my other blog ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reoccurring dream 16th december.

Was road tripping with a girl I coach Aimeee who can be rather annoying and my neighbour lucy.
I think was going to schoolies... an I think the two girls I was with kept changing.
Drive off road and nearly accidently over a cliff.
We stopped and walked along it.
Found this castle like pool in the midle of nowhere, didnt get wet because I said we were going to [geelong] and we're going to be wet all day.
Then we were in dean street later, with a heap of the swim club, called a Dad by his sons name, mark... although I dont even know who or what his dad looks like.
Wait and frank was leaving and I really had to tell him something so I was sprinting down dean street after him. Took a back alley and the:
Then I had a dream that has been re-occurring alot lately.
I'm on a second floor. Alyssa Fletcher is always standing, sitting their, doing her nails or smoking...
I sprint past her so fast that she never has time to stop me... then I'm on top of a roof clinging to the side of a wall balancing on a ledge.
I quickly duck around the corner. then another, without falling, and without Alyssa catching who it was.
Then come the third corner, I end up above an inside door of a room. I climb down resting my foot on the light switch. Its this big classy city apartment type thing, and it belongs to bryan wood and mates.
The last two times I had this dream (in the past week) I made it further inside (not sure what I'm trying to look for or achieve) but tonight Bryan was ready for me as soon as I dropped onto the floor, he ran and locked the glass door. But this time I wasn't as scared by him and said to come here as I want to tell him why I keep doing this.
My reasoning was... because I like it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am living my dreams.
No need for sleep.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

9th December 09

Can't remember much detail.

Motocross course, but it was a swim meet.
With Madison in her room.

Fookin' Hayden and Wess put like 20 blankets on top of me obviously when they left so I'm fucking about to die of heat.

Monday, December 7, 2009

8th december 09

OK! So second night went superb! I had to brief wake ups and the first time I failed to get up and recount it, the second time however I DID manage!
Then laid there thinking and somehow managed to remember the first episode of my dream! But not in very good detail, but key points.

I was at an unknown pool of my imagination at a swim carnival, I was the only coach and got into a bit of an argument with one of those pushy parents, unnamed, she ended up trying to hit me and scrag me and ended up biting my shoulder, i was like WHAT THE FUCK!? YOU BIT ME!? You're fucking 40 years old grow the fuck up, stormed off with other parents having a go at her. Ended up finding a shotgun on this big grassy field with rocks, did that thing where you snap it to load it, and next thing it was like I was playing paintball, but with real guns... a game. Very detailed and jeremy was there, i shot him in the head but it bounced off and then someone tried to shoot me and i held up a person next to me to take the bullet. *Not sure if something happened here or not but i'll continue with chapter two.*
Found a new slr, was near the alb bowl, lots of people, school cross country was on, taught young girl with blonde hair how to use camera, 3 green buttons, took a pic of kids about to race, walked down path, people crowded on each side of path, the girl with my camera started walking like a model, then some older blonde girl took the cam off her, i raced down and turned out it was her sister telling her how to model better, i didn't like her and wanted my camera back,
next minute we we in ceri's hotel but it wasn't actually ceri's hotel, filled with people/ school ppl an teachers like a camp, but then ceri's sister walked through like a model and people cheered and then others were doing it and people were cheering/partying, then ceri did it and her boobs were huge and bouncy (LOL alot bigger than normal) and i got majorly freaked out ran down a side hall climbed through a window into allys room. we talked about ceri's boobs, then about ally being obsessed with losing weight before schoolies as she was back from schoolies, very realistic convo, on her bed.