Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reoccurring dream 16th december.

Was road tripping with a girl I coach Aimeee who can be rather annoying and my neighbour lucy.
I think was going to schoolies... an I think the two girls I was with kept changing.
Drive off road and nearly accidently over a cliff.
We stopped and walked along it.
Found this castle like pool in the midle of nowhere, didnt get wet because I said we were going to [geelong] and we're going to be wet all day.
Then we were in dean street later, with a heap of the swim club, called a Dad by his sons name, mark... although I dont even know who or what his dad looks like.
Wait and frank was leaving and I really had to tell him something so I was sprinting down dean street after him. Took a back alley and the:
Then I had a dream that has been re-occurring alot lately.
I'm on a second floor. Alyssa Fletcher is always standing, sitting their, doing her nails or smoking...
I sprint past her so fast that she never has time to stop me... then I'm on top of a roof clinging to the side of a wall balancing on a ledge.
I quickly duck around the corner. then another, without falling, and without Alyssa catching who it was.
Then come the third corner, I end up above an inside door of a room. I climb down resting my foot on the light switch. Its this big classy city apartment type thing, and it belongs to bryan wood and mates.
The last two times I had this dream (in the past week) I made it further inside (not sure what I'm trying to look for or achieve) but tonight Bryan was ready for me as soon as I dropped onto the floor, he ran and locked the glass door. But this time I wasn't as scared by him and said to come here as I want to tell him why I keep doing this.
My reasoning was... because I like it.

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